Past Work


  • During the last year I have notarised powers of attorney for many different countries including Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Ethiopia Panama, Angola, Mozambique, Malaysia, Mongolia, USA, Bulgaria, South Africa, Indonesia, Italy, Dubai, Cyprus and Brazil. 
  • I have sworn affidavits and taken statutory declaration for use in New Zealand, India, Cayman Islands, Malta, USA, Kenya , Singapore, Hong Kong and other jurisdictions.
  • I am often asked to notarise as true copies of degree certificate, diplomas and other certificates for use in countries such as Australia, Canada, Dubai, Russia, Mexico and Romania.
  • Sometimes I am asked to prepare notarised certificates in relation to the status of companies registered in England and other matters.
  • Other documents I have notarised include change of name deeds, consent to travel with children, copy passports and documents in relation to deceased estates.








Notary Public Essex