Notary Public Services

Documents required to be notarised by a foreign jurisdiction are many and varied.  The effect of a notarial act (sealing and signing) is to authenticate the document.  Sometimes the notary is required to certify a fact.  This can be done either by writing a short certificate on the document in simple cases but more often the notary will prepare his own certificate.

As a notary, I can authenticate or certify any document for use abroad whether commercial or private, the most common being Powers of Attorney or prepare a notarial certificate so long as I can verify the facts.  I am also able to swear affidavits and declarations for use either in England and Wales or in a foreign jurisdiction.

Notaries have special jurisdiction in relation to the Protesting of a Bill of Exchange - these are now rare, and also dealing with Shipping Protests.

Notaries also have a duty to resolve disputes.

As non-contentious lawyers, notaries can conduct conveyancing, probate and prepare wills.  I do not undertake conveyancing work but would welcome being instructed in the winding up of a deceased person's estate especially if the estate has a foreign element.

I am also able to offer a will writing service.